Self Care 101

It may not always be easy to take care yourself, or practice self-care rituals, even so in a global pandemic. Stress can build up from work, family, school, and it is incredibly important for you to take care of your mental health during times of struggle. We have compiled a short list of reminders which we call “Self-Care 101”.

1. A positive outlook and a reassuring mindset.
Daily affirmations and positive reminders should be the norm for the key to an optimistic outlook. Start by repeating phrases to build your confidence in the morning to reassure yourself for the day ahead. You can also view Self-Awareness Diary's Instagram account to read through helpful self-awareness reminders.

2. A healthy diet.
Eating a healthy diet can not only improve your mental wellbeing, but also your physical health. Your body needs important nutrients to function properly, and eating fruit and vegetable regularly and periodically, throughout the day will help contribute to a mentally fit attitude. Cut down on sugar and fatty foods if you can, but don’t forget to treat yourself every now and then!

3. Zen mode.
It is always important to find some time for yourself, away from your bustling life. Take the time to zone out, set yourself a bath, put on some music, and lay in your bed.

4. Trust yourself.
Trusting yourself can help you build confidence and can be an important step to self-love. Moreover, self-trust means that you are able to take care of your needs, without the dependence on others, and are not willing to give up even in rough times.

5. Take some time off the digital space.
Face it – social media is exhausting. Everyone needs a detox from the digital space! Short breaks will allow you immerse yourself into your own self more. Less time on social media looking at others equals more time focusing on improving yourself.


These steps may look easy in words, but following them regularly and consistently is challenging and will be met with rewarding outcomes for you and your body. Developing a healthy mindset will lead to more positive prospectives and make you happier as a whole. You are the most important, so focus on yourself.

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